With infectious grooves and catchy melodies, Conquering Rulers deliver a fresh, modern take on the reggae genre. They are a new reggae band out of the Washington D.C. area. This will be their debut self-titled EP. It will be released June 24, 2016. The EP contains seven songs that showcase their sound. From modern pop twists to RnB influence to a tribute to the old school Jamaican sound system, the tracks have a variety of sounds for all audiences.

Conquering Rulers was formed by singer Henry Sar, and rhythm guitarist and producer, Vince Leon-Guerrero. Fun fact: Vince also co-wrote the song, “Roots with Culture” with Carlos Jones. The Conquering Rulers aim to bring a fresh, original vibe to reggae music.  The EP helps bring in summer with music that brings good vibes with the good weather.

You can visit their website here.