If you haven’t checked this internet radio station out yet, it’s time to take a listen. They are playing the best new music as well as blending in some classic rock and a healthy mix of local artists including our own Carlos Jones & the PLUS Band, Kristine Jackson, Brent Kirby, Welshly Arms, and Nate Jones. Former WMMS General Manager, John Gorman started up the station last year, and their listening audience numbers have been steadily increasing each month as more and more people are tired of the same old crap that our local terrestrial radio stations dish up. And now they’re also delivering for their advertisers as well. They helped to promote the Carlos Jones’ Holiday Revival show at Music Box Supper Club (December 26) which SOLD OUT!!

You can download their free app and listen on your cell, and you can even pick up a signal converter for about $15 at Walmart, and listen over your car speakers. Many people are listening to the station on their computers at work. You’ll be able to hear many of the artists who will be performing at the big LaureLive Festival that was just announced coming up on June 11 & 12. This is how radio should be! Check it out here!