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Image Galleries

With Decibel, you can create beautiful galleries in no time. Simply choose your images from the media library and choose the layout you want!
3 gallery layouts, and 3 image sizes are available with 5 different hover effect for a lot of possibilities
[wolf_images_gallery layout=”mosaic” columns=”1″ size=”classic-thumb” link=”file” hover_effect=”scale-to-greyscale” padding=”no” ids=”815,430,813,391,390,810,808,807,389,1154,885,1149″]
[wolf_images_gallery layout=”carousel_simple” columns=”1″ size=”portrait” link=”file” hover_effect=”scale-to-greyscale” padding=”yes” ids=”444,445,443,494,502″]
[wolf_images_gallery layout=”simple” columns=”3″ size=”classic-thumb” link=”file” hover_effect=”greyscale” padding=”yes” ids=”628,513,521,440,447,414″]

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