Ladd Biro

Ladd Biro

Cleveland's Smooth Vocal

Ladd Biro comes to music naturally; his father played violin, his mother piano, and he began piano lessons as a wee lad(d). He joined the school band playing sax, and as a teen formed musical group made up of school chums. “We called it Duration” he recalls ruefully, “and it seemed like a cool name. Then along came a nasal spray by the same name and it sort of lost it's cool”. He sang and played bass & keyboards in that band, and later joined his older brother's band. They later parted – amicably - but by then, music was his lifeblood and he's never looked back.

Ladd has since teamed with well known songwriter Dan Schneider, who's penned a number of well known songs in a variety of genres which include adult contemporary, country, and national TV themes. Dan is a former staff writer with Acuff Rose/ Sony ATV.

The music they produced has tested out with high marks in the Adult Contemporary category in independent song marketing sessions conducted by Broadcast Media Associates. Associates’ client list includes media giants Clear Channel and CBS radio, which helped gain radio play in the Midwest. Ladd’s CD’s are available nationally at Barnes and Noble,, Itunes and a multitude of internet platforms, as well as the Roscoe Records website.

In addition to the music, Ladd has become active in promoting and producing others with Roscoe Records. The production aspect of the company promotes new talent and music, provides music for commercial jingles and television, and is also exploring opportunities in the cinematic soundtrack industry.