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Terry barrett

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Terry Barrett has been a significant presence on the Ohio music scene for several decades, as was so accurately noted by Todd Parker, one of his peers:
“With 2 vintage vinyl releases by two of my favorites from the mid 80’s…the Bangorillas and The Adults. Both are from the northeast Ohio region and performed regularly at Cedars in Youngstown, Ohio, which is where I saw them both many times. Mr. Terry Barrett , the Bangorillas chief singer, songwriter, and guitarist was a big influence on me with his soaring lead work with ample delay effects. Terry is still making and releasing cool tunes.”
And Terry has kept on writing and releasing great music as a solo artist as well.  His solo releases – Newton Falls and Jambo, were loaded with funky grooves and stellar guitar playing, and caught the attention of Cleveland record label – Little Fish Records.  Now with his 3rd solo release – Groove Rock and Pillow Talk (on Little Fish Records), he has fine tuned his funky, groovy style with superb production techniques to come up with his best effort yet.  Always one to appreciate tongue-in-cheek humor, Terry tells stories with clever twists and turns.  He’s also able to add elements of world music into his energetic grooves, giving them a bit more spice.  Definitely worth checking out!!

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